About Xavier

A Major League Player who spent time with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins. He also spent time playing in Korea and multiple Latin countries. He has a background in communications, public speaking and writing. He is committed to providing a platform where athletes come together to maximize their potential outside of their sport. His time and experience as a professional athlete has equipped him with intangible tools and resources. He is turning those resources into opportunities to develop camps, workshops, and seminars to help prepare young athletes for their journey along the way. Xavier is motivated by his faith, his wife Jessica, and their two son’s Ezekiel and Xander.

“Xtraordinary Athletes provides the tools that allow youth athletes to use their influence positively in todays society. Ultimately, we are creating an Xtraordinary, well-rounded athlete that will be prepared to lead, and live a life of success inside and outside of their sport.”
Owned and operated by former MLB player,
Xavier Scruggs


“I was always motivated to be more than an athlete. At a young age my mother always identified and mentioned to me athletes that were well spoken, athletes that were dedicated to their community, and athletes that found a way to give back. She reminded me constantly that even though I had special talents as an athlete, I had an opportunity to do much more and had the ability to succeed even outside of my sport. Though accomplishing more outside of my sport has long been a passion of mine, I have unfortunately seen many athletes not take advantage of the potential both inside and outside of their sport. I know there is a need to communicate to these athletes, because they can be so much more. They just need the right GamePlan.” – Xavier Scruggs, Founder