DEI Consulting

We work with teams and organizations to educate their players and employees on ways they can leverage their platform and become the change they want to see. Creating environments that allow individuals to feel welcome and comfortable enough to succeed no matter the circumstances.

Clubhouse Conversations

Our team is certified in DEI education and is trained in how to bring awareness to DEI initiatives, as well as facilitating authentic conversations on the topic.

Community Engagement

Looking for the best way to engage your community? We work with your in-house team to identify organizations in your community that align with your organizations mission and values to leverage your platform for good.

One-on-one Mentorship

Do you or a member of your organization need personally tailored coaching or guidance on how to go about DEI conversations or initiatives? We will guide you as you leverage your platform to be the change you want to see.

Leadership guidance for executives and senior staff

From writing PR announcements to situational consultation, our team can guide your staff through the decision making and implementation process.

Creation and implementation of DEI Programs

Unsure of the best way to engage your organization in this subject manner? We will learn the ins and outs of your organization to create customized programs that will engage your team as you educate them in this area.

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